A Haunted & Magickal Playground

Scott Ferry was born in a small town in the middle of Los Angeles County, an in-between space within a vast urban jungle and a world of haunted places and legends. His life as a child was filled with adventure, traveling, and eccentric history. His parents gave him the gift of curiosity and book reading and he ventured into many realms including HP Lovecraft, witchcraft, and paranormal realities. He was an introverted child and found himself quite at home in old houses, cemeteries, and the dark natural places. It is from this world that he began his long quest into magick and the other worlds. His interest in art started very young and he took it as a way to unleash his imagination where words were sometimes lacking. In the 1990‘s with his mind deep into Runes , Chaos Magick and the outer realms he molded his technique of using ink on paper. Inspired largely by Austin Osman Spare and questing to unleash his artwork as living entities and servitors he single-mindedly would draw even forgetting food and drink at times. From there he journeyed into Tantric Vajrayana and farther into a molding of diverse styles of magick and psyche exploration. Voodoo, Runes, Seidhr, possession, primeval witchcraft, sorcery. All of this has seeped into his artwork in many degrees, layered into symbology and entity. His artwork then became a doorway for any to enter who would look closer. The characters he drew became living spirits and sigils most of which are displayed in his current work.

Little Child Gods & Spirits in a Hallucinatory Twilight

The liminal space where life and death mix and a hallucinatory other world opens up has always been a fascination for him. This in-between space and the gateways that lead to and from it have always permeated his work in many ways. The shade of what happens after death, the separation and the loss of things held dear, the entities that live between this world and that and the possibility of our metamorphosing into a more flexible nature. In his obsessive research into the realms of the Egyptians, Tantric practices and the Victorians he has come across their obsession with death, preservation, other worlds, haunting spirits, and the “cult of the child”. This fascinated him in a lot of senses as he made immediate links to the 1st century Christian ideas of how the dead would rise and walk the earth with a new life, or Egyptian idea of mummification, burial and the other life. For him one image that constantly captures his imagination in many ways was the image of the child, maybe around 7 to 10 years old, and recently dead. The Victorians would immaculately preserve the body as best as possible, dress and decorate it almost angelic like. It then became a little god to be worshiped, remembered and revered. The girl or boy that could not be lost and where the clash between life and death merged into a shadow world of spirits, ghosts, and afterlife. It was here he realized that the “child death” had become a unique symbol and tool for accessing these other realms. The child form stepping into this liminal space as a symbol of an Egyptian Ankh in human form. The innocent ideal, the malicious thoughts of the child, pure pagan sacrifice and necromantic rituals awakening some concept of forever. A pure fantasy creation but something that engendered a mysterious power. Oddly enough in the decades after the Victorian world had crumbled you still see how the idea of the resurrected child permeates film, books, and art. It is the key to divinatory power, clairvoyance ,and an almost equivalent to Thanatos in Greek mythology. Like a little youth that knows time, secrets, and is coming to take you to that eternal afterlife of your making.

The Void Beyond and into the Maleficium Cultus

Though Scott Ferry’s personal view point is more attuned to Lovecraft’s “cosmology” view he only takes that approach and uses it as a springboard to go beyond religious or atheist concepts into creative possibilities that have no finalities without the constructed barriers or morals. A “darker” side or more libertarian view of mental and magical power layered with personal symbology. Scott Ferry has always been interested in tantric buddhism for its precise understanding of how to create a “body” that does not degenerate or have the faults of the present one. Specifically his use of little spirit girls as a representative symbol of a “body” that is empty of selves and opening the possibility of becoming possessed by others. “Possession” itself also influences his work and he researches constantly for ideas about it in folk, cultural, and historical references. Thai possession, as an example, is most interesting for that with regards to how in Thailand whole schools of children become possessed at any given moment by local spirits, animals, and ancestors.

In his current artwork The Maleficium Cultus is the background for a group of sorcerers who kill and put to death little children only to resurrect them into their cult of malice. From there they each become a powerful spirit using dark magick to effect the worlds around them. Each character then in his work is a particular spirit, brought to life by his illustration and painting. They each portray “nature” beyond all morals and a “power” similar to the beings that reside in-between the spaces.

Scott Ferry works primarily in black ink and watercolor with colors ranging from the hallucinatory to the dark and natural. These colors giving an otherworldly effect and mystique to each painted scene.

He currently resides in Florida where southern nature and folklore is beginning to influence his work. He is presently showing and selling artwork at Hyaena Gallery (Los Angeles).

Solo, Duo, Trio (selected) :

2015 Renditions, an Art Space, Tallahassee, Florida.
2014 Renditions, an Art Space, Tallahassee, Florida.
2013 Renditions, an Art Space, Tallahassee, Florida.
2012 Malicious Delicious Book Launch @ Usine 106U Gallery, Montreal, Québec.
2011 Hallucinatory Twilight, Cinéma du Parc, Mezzanine Gallery, Montreal, Québec
2009 Wierdo Playground, Glamort Gallery, Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Group (selected) :

2015 Hyaena Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Invocate / Illuminate at Hyaena Gallery, Los Angeles, (starting January1st, 2014)
Hyaena Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2013 4th annual Zombie Art Show at Falcon Art Bar, Orlando, Florida
2012 Exhibition OPPRESSION, Le Mur Insolite, Quebec City, QC
2012 EXPO 106U 2012, Agora Gallery, cegep du Vieux Montreal, Montreal, QC
2012 Exposition DEFAILLANCE, Le Mur Insolite Gallery, Quebec City.
2012 Exposition ARMAGEDDON+ Book launch, Usine 106U, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2011 Exposition ANNIVERSAIRE, Usine 106U, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2011 Exposition RÉCRÉATION, Usine 106U, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2011 “BFF” (Best Friends Forever), restropect, Headquarters Gallery, Montreal, Quebec
30th Year Anniversary Show, OCCCA, Santa Ana, California.

2010 Press Start!, Headquarters Gallery, Montreal, Quebec.
2010 Équilibre, Usine 106U, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Wild Things, Headquarters Gallery, Montreal, Quebec.
2009 Procession, Usine 106U, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2009 We are 3!,Headquarters Gallery, Montreal, Quebec.

2009 Subterfuge, Usine 106U, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2009 Oboro Gallery 25th anniversary show, (invited artist), Montreal, Quebec.
2009 SALON D'ARTS DU CONSEIL, Restaurant Chez le Portugais, Montreal, Qc.

Involvement :

2015 TIF sticker club (Sticker artwork for September) http://www.tif.org/stickerclub/
2015 Usine106U Magazine #4 January 2015. (A free art magazine published by galerie Usine 106U in Montreal)
2011 Artwork and writings by Scott Ferry in volume 3 of CHAOSPHERE MAGAZINE.
2011 Cover Art for PD-024-ANGST-ALBUM CDR, LIMITED EDITION OF 75 COPIES ONLY, First 30 copies on colored CDR + Japan OBI. Label: Phatasma Disques
2011 Inhibition "Where All Beginnings Arise" Homage to Scott Ferry, sound/art project, cdr limited release of 100. Label : 412Recordings
2009 Pindemonium 05. Montreal, Quebec.

2009 3 mural paintings (outside wall of Usine 106U Gallery), 111 Roy E., Montreal, Quebec
2008 Pindemonium 04. Montreal, Quebec.

2007 CD cover for Visions from the Garden - a C.O.T.A. project compilation, Published in USA.

Published works:

106U#9, wordless anthology published by Eric Braun, 80 pages. Limited Edition
international collection of artists in black & white, linographie on wood cover. (2nd part of Maleficium Cultus graphic story by Scott Ferry was published in this edition)
Available at Usine 106U Gallery, 160 Roy E., Montreal. Contact : usine106u@gmail.com

Malicious Delicious (book of artwork) by Scott Ferry, softcover (ISBN 978-0-9811860-7-8) & hardcover (ISBN 978-0-9811860-8-5) editions, 2012. Publisher Les Éditions FrI. http://www.editionsfri.com/

106U#8, wordless anthology published by Eric Braün, 100 pages,
a masterpiece of avant-garde narratives enriched by 40 pages of full color reproductions by 17 international contemporary artists. (first press of Maleficium Cultus graphic story by Scott Ferry). Available at Usine 106U Gallery, 160 Roy E., Montreal. Contact : usine106u@gmail.com

Demoness (ever-after sweetness), hardbound, 2nd edition, republished with new material, 2011. Publisher Les Éditions FrI. http://www.editionsfri.com/

Demoness (ever-after sweetness), 1st edition, hand stitched soft bound, self published


Private collections in Canada, USA, South America and in Europe.