Welcome to the Haunted and Magickal Playground of Scott Ferry.

Visual artist and author exploring his interests in haunted places, spirits, primeval witchcraft, alternate realities, death, possession and childhood. His artwork has become a medium for his occult theories, personal discoveries and interests.

email : scott (at) scottferry.com


If you are interested in purchasing any Original Artwork email Scott Ferry the title of the work and he will send you the price and availability. You may also visit or call any art gallery he is currently selling in to purchase his artwork by clicking here for their info.

Prints are available through the Shadows of Seakh Etsy Shop at www.shadowsofseakh.etsy.com

Nature & Wildlife artwork available at my NINSAR Etsy
Shop at NINSARCreations.etsy.com

latest update : 4/8/19

Music created by COTA/Sonick Sorcery specifically for Scott Ferry.

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April 2019

Currently working on some new ideas for this year.
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Prints and some Originals are always available through the Shadows of Seakh Etsy Shop at www.shadowsofseakh.etsy.com

I also have a new 2nd shop called


Instagram : @ninsarcreations

Handmade wood burnings, keepsake and jewelry boxes, talismans, paintings, and shadow boxes inspired by nature and wildlife.

This will be my 2nd Etsy store that focuses more on Nature and Wildlife. With the current work starting off as wood burnings it will gradually move into other media and art works.


Dark Haven Elementary will open its doors again soon. What surprises and terrors will the children be showing this year?

as the doors open links to where to see will begin to appear right here...



Artwork for the children of the next century.